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Rotexmaster's April Quality Month event officially launched!

On the morning of April 1st, along with the grand flag-raising ceremony,rotexmaster. officially kicked off the April Quality Month event in a uniform slogan of all employees. The theme of the event “Everyone knows, everyone pays attention, everyone participates, everyone acts” is more stringent in the mind of all employees.

The various departments of the event site were neatly lined up in a row and marched neatly to the podium. They shouted the slogan of guaranteeing the quality of the machinery, set up their vows in front of all the employees, and slogan in the sound of slogans. Yuguan people's craftsman's heart and responsibility!

Quality problems are greater than days! No matter how beautiful his product advertisements are, how gorgeous the packaging is, but if there are quality problems, the life of this company will be short-lived, because he does not use his own quality and reputation to dedicate to consumers and customers. Consumers will naturally let him down. Yuguan people always know that enterprises must survive and develop. First of all, they must win the quality of products or work, and establish a credibility in society with high-quality products.
"Quality is the responsibility! Quality is the life of the enterprise!" This year, Shandong Yuguan will continue to instill this concept into the hearts of employees, implement every link in the production process, and strictly control the quality to provide customers with high quality products. Shandong Yuguan's unremitting pursuit!

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