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How to distinguish the purchased wood Pellet machine from a new one or a refurbished one

The equipment of biomass pellet machine needs to crush and dry the crop wastes, such as straw, grass, rice husk, etc., and then use the pellet machine to suppress the pellets. In recent years, the  machine manufacturing industry is booming.The sales volume of biomass wood pellet machine is relatively high, and a large number of producers rush into the market, resulting in the phenomenon of uneven quality of the machines on the market. Some manufacturers renovate and sell the old machines directly, which increases the worry of many customers when they buy them. Our company has more than ten years of experience in pellet machine . In order to avoid customers being cheated, we share several skills to identify whether the pellet machine is a refurbished machine.

The method is as follows:

1. Observe the working panel of the biomass pellet machine , and there will be irreparable scratches on the working panel of the refurbished machine.

2. Check the accessories on the pellet machine , such as the edge of the screw. The screw of the refurbished machine will leave traces.

3. Check the plug part of the bolt. If it is a refurbishing machine, there will be traces

4. Check the corner of the pellet machine . There are many scattered particles in the renovation opportunity.

We all know the principle of "one cent, one share of goods". Price is not the only choice for machinery. We hope that you will not be blinded by the appearance of low price machinery, and we will choose a powerful manufacturer. The life of a refurbished machine can not be compared with that of a new one. Every machine will pay a high cost, if you buy a refurbished machine caused by the loss is very much outweighed.

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