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Pre-work for installation of wood pellet machine

Wood pellet machines are now well known in many industries. Before the installation of the wood pellet machine, the precautions for installation, and the maintenance after installation, these three steps are indispensable. Here, Shandong Rotex Machinery Co., Ltd. will first introduce to you the preparation of the wood pellet machine installer before installation. jobs.

1.Before the installation of machinery, the engineering and technical personnel who preside over and perform the installation work shall fully study the drawings and instructions of the machinery and equipment, be familiar with the structural features and working principles of the equipment, and master the main technical data, technical parameters, performance, installation characteristics, etc. of the machinery. . The installation should pay attention to: reserve a sufficient length, width, height for the overall layout; place the machine, can not affect the layout of the next machine, the distance between the machinery and machinery is reasonable; install the fan, Shake Long outlet, etc. to be careful Observe that there are no obstacles on the factory floor; when connecting the pipeline, pay attention to the connection mode to prevent orthogonality, minimize or not use the U-shaped elbow, and place the mechanical verticality, flatness, and the overall appearance of good, can not appear unreasonable angle And safety hazards; connect distribution cabinets, check thermal relay models, check motor connections, and eliminate all the virtual wiring caused by motor burnout; tighten the bolts in one step, never screw them in half or tightly. Until next time or let others tighten.

2. Study the mechanical installation and construction drawings, check the construction drawings and the equipment itself to gradually form the installation site and there is no size mismatch, the installation site is misaligned, or whether the process pipeline and the original plant pipeline conflict.

3.Understand the national standards and acceptance criteria related to this installation, and study the technical measures necessary to meet the technical requirements of these specifications, and formulate the technical requirements for all aspects, installation and various parts of the construction.

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