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Method for effectively controlling and reducing wood pellet production noise

In the process of producing wood pellets, wood pellet machine are inevitably unavoidable. How can noise be effectively controlled and reduced? Starting from the noise source of wood pellet production line, noise pollution is reduced to the minimum. Paying attention to the treatment of wood chipper machine noise transmission can effectively reduce the harm to our body. The treatment of wood chipper machine noise transmission methods should take different measures according to specific conditions. There are usually several ways:

(1) wood pellet machine sound absorption processing

(2) Sound insulation

(3) Vibration isolation

(4) Damping

(5) Muffler According to the aerodynamics, the speed of the wood pellet machine noise in the air is 15°C, which is 340m/s. It is impossible for the operator of the wood pellet machine to exceed 340m from the operator. This means that we are constantly in full. Wood chipper machine noise.

For the "sudden noise" of wood chipper machine, do you know what the reason is? Today we talked about the issue of noise from the wood pellet machine. I hope to bring convenience to your daily work.

The following main factors are as follows: the material is not securely conveyed, and the feeding rate should be regulated. The deflection scraper wear causes uneven feeding and should be replaced with a new scraper. The pellet machine ring die and the press roller are old and new, and the new ring die is better with the new roller. The gap between the ring die and the press roller and the produced material do not harmonize with each other and regulate the gap of the press roller. The reason of the press roller is that the new and old press rollers are used together with the wear and damage of the press roller. The used formula is more difficult to granulate and properly mediated. Formulation; lack of steam supply, change in pressure, check steam line and system pressure, and whether the pressure reducing valve is normal; debris contained in the granulation bin to remove impurities in the granulation bin; wear of spindle bearing is probably destroyed. Change bearings.

The above content is the main reason for the noise emitted by the wood pellet machine. The main products of our factory are wood pellet machines. If you have any requirements, please feel free to contact us and we will try our best serve you.

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