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What are the advantages of a good wood pellet machine?

Sawdust pellet machine is a kind of pellet fuel molding machine using industrial agricultural wastes such as corn straw, rice straw, hibiscus, wood flour, sawdust wood furniture factory waste, and other industrial agricultural waste as raw materials. The raw material of the pellets is very extensive, with wood processing and Sawdust, wood shavings, bark, used wood, and abandoned branches produced in the production of wood-based panels; waste straw after harvest of various types of crops, and other types of combustible biomass as raw materials, do not require the addition of any adhesive, and are processed through equipment processing. Pressure treatment can produce uniform biomass pellet fuel. The pellets produced by this machinery can be used as energy materials for boilers, fireplaces, gasifiers, heating, biomass power generation and other industries.

1: The new wood chip granulator is our company's independent research and development design, specifically for sawdust granulation. The company has its own production base. The development of the biomass pellet machine has undergone 100 trials and demonstrations. It has finally achieved the most stable, reliable, safest and most efficient, and most economical effect. The equipment has a longer continuous operating time and higher production efficiency.
2: Abrasives are manufactured with a high standard of technology. The life of the abrasive tools is longer, and the unique compression ratio is designed to be reasonable, so that the quality of the sawdust particles is better and the production cost is greatly reduced.
3: The bearings used in the particle molding system are all made of the famous brand of Harbin Bearings, and they are equipped with independent lubrication and non-self-lubricating double lubrication system. The bearing life is longer, safer and more durable.
4: reducer transmission enhancement: the machine adopts parallel helical gear transmission, better gearing; gearbox oil bypass water cooling system to avoid overheating the oil temperature, greatly enhancing the service life.

5.The main shaft and the connecting hollow shaft are made of alloy steel imported from Germany through water forging, roughing, heat treatment, finishing, and finish grinding. The structure is reasonable and the hardness is uniform to improve the fatigue resistance and wear resistance of the parts. Operation provides more reliable protection. The main chassis is made of high-quality steel, with a uniform thickness and a compact structure. It is then carefully machined by a CNC machining center imported from Switzerland with zero machining accuracy. Provides stronger support for normal operations.

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