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What are the matters needing attention when using peanut shell pellet machine

The peanut shell pellet machine production line is mainly used to produce biomass forming fuel "straw pellet coal" from agricultural wastes such as various straws, peanut shells, sawdust, tree branches, and bark. Its working environment is very bad, and therefore its constituent organization needs With certain optimization and enhancement, it is necessary to grasp the knowledge of the use and maintenance of the peanut shell pellet machine in order to increase the stability of the equipment and increase the production efficiency in production. Peanut shell pellet machine at the end of the material suppression, a little wheat flour mixed with edible oil and put it into the machine, press down after 1-2 minutes, so that the mold hole filled with oil, so that the next boot will be able to feed production, both maintenance Mold, and save man-hours. After the peanut shell pellet machine shuts down, loosen the pressure roller adjustment screw and remove the residual material.
We should also pay attention to the normal continuous operation of the peanut husk pellet machine production line. Because multiple machines are producing at the same time, the feeding and discharging of materials are automatically completed by the conveyor, which greatly reduces the artificial strength, as long as each peanut shell pellet machine can be stabilized. Production on the line, should not seek a single large output and let the machine run at full capacity, because the peanut shell pellet machine under full load operation conditions, the material moisture content and crushed particle size requirements are more sensitive. When the peanut shell pellet machine is processed and produced, in addition to our own attention to the operating procedures, we must also pay attention to the humidity and hardness when selecting materials, so as to ensure the normal use of equipment, which can improve work efficiency and reduce Peanut shell pellet machine failure.
Peanut shell machine in the process of production and processing if you do not pay attention to the use of the machine will cause damage, thus affecting the production efficiency, many people will think that the device itself is a problem, it is not true, is due to improper operation caused by damage, peanut shell When the pellet machine is in use, how can it play its super-function, the following describes its use performance:
When peanut shell granules are machined, the moisture of the materials is too low, the hardness of the objects to be processed is high, the power consumption during processing increases, the production cost of the enterprise is increased, and the service life of the peanut shell pellet machine is reduced. Excessive moisture is not easy. The smashing increases the number of impacts of the hammer. At the same time, heat is generated due to the friction of the material and the blow of the hammer, so that the moisture in the processing object evaporates. The evaporated moisture and the crushed fine powder form a paste to block the mesh and reduce the crushing. Machine discharge. Generally, the moisture content of raw materials such as cereals, corn, etc. is controlled below 14%.

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