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What are the advantages of biomass briquette fuel?

The advantages of biomass fuel produced by biomass pellet machines are summarized as follows:

Clean combustion

(1) Fly ash is rare. Biomass ash* is generally less than 3% (excluding rice husk etc.), which simplifies the dedusting equipment of the combustion device.
(2) The main combustion components of biomass particle fuels are volatile components, and the general content is 70% to 80%. There is very little smoke generation and no black smoke.
(3) Biomass particulate fuels usually do not affect the natural circulation of natural carbon. Even if they are not burned or burned, biomass will release C02 during natural digestion. Therefore, the amount of carbon discharged from biomass will not exceed the amount of carbon absorbed during its growth, thereby realizing zero emissions of C02.
(4) The N content of the biomass itself is much lower than that of coal, which is very advantageous for reducing the generation of NO x.
(5) Less SOx emissions from combustion. The sulfur content of biomass* is generally less than 0.1%, and no flue gas desulphurization device is required, which reduces the cost and benefits the environmental protection.
(6) Reduce the discharge of heavy metal pollutants. Studies have shown that coal contains many trace elements such as: As, Hg, V, Pb, Zn, Se, co, Ni, Cr, etc. Many of them are toxic and harmful heavy metal elements. The biomass is basically free of heavy metals.
2. Good economics
(1) China has rich biomass resources and low prices. Using biomass as fuel reduces the cost of raw materials.
(2) Full combustion, high burnout, reduced waste due to incomplete combustion.
(3) The network connection of biomass fibers can significantly improve the strength of biomass-forming fuels, thereby eliminating the use of binders; and there is no subsequent drying process, which can greatly reduce processing costs.
3. Good fire ignition performance.

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