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Price Analysis of Global Wood Pellets Market

1.Malaysia,Thailand etc. Southeast countries, the wood pellets price rise about USD20 per ton, and raw material cost no much change, then the USD20  all for profit.

They are production base of wood pellets, then export to Korea, Japan etc. countries, as Korea, Japan etc. countries have no much natural gas and mineral resources, the most popular fuel is biomass pellets, for industry and life use.

Also they export wood pellets to Europe, for boiler and power plant use.

2. China, the popularity of biomass pellets is getting higher and higher, prohibit burning coal in most areas, high cost of natural gas, then biomass pellets become the most popular fuel. The preemption of raw materials is the most important problem, so many other raw materials are using to make biomass fuel, for example straw, rice husk etc.

Biomass Pellets price is seasonality, in Winter its price is more than 1000 RMB per ton.

3. Europe, wood pellets is always the main fuel for heating, widely using in boiler plant, power plant etc.

Wood pellets price rise from 194EUR to 220 EUR

More and more countries in Europe start to use biomass extensively, for example Lithuania swith from gas to biomass in DH, in Italy, Germany, Austria, Uk etc. countries, wood pellets are widely using. The CHP have high demand for wood pellets.4. America, the wood pellets widely used in small bags with 40 pound use in home, now some areas begin to support for renewable energy, Massachusetts has a rebate program for modern pellet boilers that provides up to USD$16,500 for qualifying systems.

The biomass pellets market become better and better, the use of pellets is increasing and demand is increasing. 

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