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How to choose suitable small feed pellet machine for you ?  

according to your demand, how many kg you need every day . Usually small feed pellet machine can work 4 hour, then let it rest at least half an hour, then continue work . This working way can longer feed pellet machine service life  
according to your electricity, only YSKJ120 and YSKJ150 (50-200kg/h )can work with home used single phase electricity, YSKJ200 and YSKJ250 (300-700kg/h ) model need work with 3 phase industrial electricity . And we also manufacture diesel engine small feed pellet machine .  
according to your budget, if you can afford a bigger model small feed pellet machine . It is better to buy a bigger model one. So that you don't need to work every day . You can work one day, store many days food . 

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