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Double rotor hammer mill’s advantage

1.Save time.

The double has two rotors,and its blades or hammers also double,two.That is mean,When it works,it will produce higher efficiency to crusher materials.

2.Save space

One double is equivalent to two work efficiency.That is mean,if we use one YSCD65*75 double rotor hammer mill to crush the 4-5t materials,it will cost one hour.Meanwhile,if we use two YSG65*75 high efficiency hammer mills to crush the 4-5T materials is also costs one hour, The effect is the same in both cases.But the former takes up less space.

3.Save money

Last but not least,it can let you save money.If you buy two high efficiency hammer mills,the price maybe higher than one double rotor hammer mill.

So,I think if you want a big capacity hammer mill,and your factory’s area is not large.I think the rotor double hammer mill is your best choice.

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