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Wood crusher suitable for processing which raw materials

The wood crusher is suitable for crushing the following materials: bamboo flour, fruit husk, Chinese herbal medicine, bark, leaves, wheat bran, konjac, bran, rice hull, corn cob, straw, starch, food, shrimp, fish meal, Shells, seaweed, dehydrated vegetables, hawthorn, ginger, garlic, pumpkin powder, spices, jujube, paper, circuit boards, plastics, chemical raw materials, seawater products, spices, feed, mica, graphite, bentonite, perlite, Distillers grains, furfural, cakes, charcoal, activated charcoal, cellulose, potato residues, tea, hair, soybean meal, cotton, refined cotton, cowhide, sheepskin, plant roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, various edible fungi, etc. This difficult characteristic material processing is an ideal crusher for industries such as chemicals, building materials, medicine, health care, breeding, food, and mosquito coils. (Note that the wood crusher is not suitable for crushing flammable and explosive materials)
In summary, there are three characteristics of wood suitable for wood crusher processing. The first characteristic is that the hardness of wood is moderate, and the second is that the volume of wood cannot be too large. The third characteristic is that wood cannot have too many branches. Here I will make a more detailed explanation from these three aspects.
First, the wood crusher processes wood with moderate hardness. The hardness of the wood should not be too large nor too small, and the hardness is too high. The machine will not be able to carry out the processing naturally. At the same time, it will damage the blade and reduce the service life of the machine. Hardness is too small, the machine is very easy to cut the wood to smash, too often broken products are not what we need, these debris is not likely to play a role in fire or other purposes, and the hardness is too small, then use manual Easy to handle, using a wood shredder is an extra waste of energy.
Second, the volume of wood handled by the wood crusher cannot be too large. The entrance of each wood crusher has a certain size, so the volume of timber that it can accept is also limited by a certain size. If it is too large, it may not be able to fit in completely. In addition, too large a volume can cause excessive load on the machine. Even if it can enter the entrance, the machine cannot smash it properly. If the work is completed, the machine will suffer many problems.
Finally, the timber handled by the wood crusher cannot have too many deliveries. We know that trees are divided into several major parts. The first is the main trunk. The second is the branches. The third is the roots and leaves. Most of the wood shredders are actually trunks. The other parts are rarely involved. Confused, it is all wood. Why can't one deal with another that can be handled well? The reason is that the composition of this part is different from that of the trunk. The texture of the trunk is straight, and it is easy to separate from the texture after stress. The texture of the branches and roots and leaves is not so clear, and they are not easy to be separated. In order to use wood crushers efficiently, it is better not to process branches.

Wood crusher After crushing, it can be used to make particle board and particle board structure more uniform, and the processing performance is good. It can be processed into large-format plates according to the need. It is a better raw material for making different specifications and styles of furniture. Sawdust board can also be used to make plastic molding into mechanical carbon semi-finished raw materials. It is an ideal product with less investment and quick effect. The product is affordable, yield is priority, performance is good, and it is the choice of many users!

In fact, life comes from continuous excavation. Only we learn how to use waste materials to turn waste into treasure. Our life will be more colorful, choose wood crusher, to meet the beginning of a new life!

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