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What is the economics of the biomass fuel economy

In today's world, the rapid development of agricultural automation, agricultural waste has become more and more, a lot of straw burning or waste accumulation, has caused serious pollution to the environment. The granule granule is effective in processing and producing granule fuel for other crops produced in agriculture such as corn stalk.
Sawdust pellet machine machining pellet fuel, with a dense, high calorific value, sufficient fuel, low cost, easy to use, clean sanitation, easy to transport and storage etc., can be used as a gasifier, agricultural greenhouse, boiler, heating furnace and power generation fuel, also can be used as biogas production materials, fertilizer, feed and high density board, etc, use a very wide range. In the international market, the application and development of biomass granule are much earlier. Nowadays, biomass solidified fuel is commercialized in Japan, the European Union, the United States and other countries and regions. It is very popular and convenient, and can be bought in supermarkets. And in our country market, is as the new product appears.
We take maize straw as an example to explain the economic benefits of biomass fuel economy of wood chip granule machining. Calorific value in the case of maize straw, corn straw can be up to 4500 kcal/kg, the utilization of a ton of coal and straw fuel, if the straw fuel after carbonization, the 1.3 to 1.5 times the heat of coal, to say the straw particles use than coal and high calorific value of fuel, can replace the use of coal. Granular fuel in the combustion of carbon dioxide emissions is close to zero, there is no other compounds, soot emissions is far below the specification of the country's environmental protection and energy saving fuel, has far-reaching significance for the protection of the environment.
Through the analysis we can find that the wood pellet machine processing environmental protection fuel is not only energy saving and environmental protection, but also has the development prospect. As a professional environmental protection equipment, biomass sawdust granule will also have a good market prospect.

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