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What are the factors that affect the life of the biomass pellet machine?

Biomass pellet machines use crop straw or wood chips as raw materials and are compressed into pellet fuel by biomass pellet machines. Yuuan Xiaobian introduced all factors that affect the life of the biomass granulator:

1, the material moisture content is too low, the processing product hardness is too strong, the power consumption of the equipment in the processing process is large, the production cost of the enterprise increases, the service life of the biomass particles is prolonged and the machine is reduced. Excessive moisture is not easily crushed, increasing the number of hammer hits. At the same time, heat is generated due to the friction of the material and the impact of the hammer, so that moisture in the processed product evaporates. The evaporated water forms a paste with the crushed fines and plugs the screen. This hole reduces the biomass pelletizer's emissions. In general, the moisture content of the ground material such as cereals, corn stover, etc. is controlled to be below 14%.

2. When the material comminution is about to end, mix a little wheat hull with edible oil and place it in the machine. Press for 1-2 minutes to stop so that the orifice of the biomass pelletizer is filled with oil so that the material can be fed the next time the machine is started. This not only keeps the mold but also saves manpower. After the biomass pelletizer is turned off, loosen the pressure adjustment screw and remove the residue.

3. Permanent magnets or iron separators may be installed at the inlet of the biomass pelletizer so as not to affect the service life of the press rolls, molds and central shaft. During the extrusion process, the temperature of the pellet fuel is as high as 50-85°C. The pressure roller is powerfully driven during operation, but it lacks the necessary and effective dust protection device. Therefore, the bearing must be cleaned and added every 2-5 working days. High temperature grease. The main shaft of the biomass pelletizer is cleaned and refueled once a month. The gearbox is cleaned and maintained once every six months. The bolts in the transmission section should be replaced at any time.

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