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What are the benefits of biomass particles?

Sawdust pellet machine, also called biomass pellet machine, is a complete set of mechanized production equipment that uses solid waste agricultural products and other organic biomass materials as raw materials by pulverizing, pressurizing and densifying and forming plant straw carbon. The pellet machine adopts the extrusion molding method, the interaction principle between the pressing force between the press rolls and the frictional force of the die hole, so that the material is shaped.
 Material does not need to add any binder or other material during processing. The plant straw granule forming machine uses various crop stalks, tree branches and leaves and other related materials in agricultural production activities, sawdust slags, and waste cultivars grown from fungi as raw materials. The volume of the molded plant straw carbon block is only 1/30 of that of the original plant straw; the specific gravity is 10-15 times that of the same weight of the plant straw; the combustion resistance and calorific value can reach 3500-5500 kcal; moreover, And it is convenient for storage and transportation in daily production activities. Feed pellet machine, sawdust pellet machine, look for Yuguan in Jinan, Shandong.
Biomass pellet fuels have a lot more than coal resources:
1. Biomass fuel has low water content and large heat output. Moreover, biomass pellets are free from sulfur phosphorus and non-corrosive, which can extend the service life of the boiler.
2. Straw ash after combustion of biomass fuel is a high quality potassium fertilizer, which can be recycled back to farmland and promote the growth and development of crops.
3. The biomass fuel is of high purity and does not contain gangue or other debris.
Wood pellet fuel can replace the burning of wood, traditional coal energy and natural gas to a certain extent, and it is widely used. It is used for coal stoves used in the production of domestic heating stoves, industrial boilers, and alternative power plants. Plant straw granules are a new type of renewable biomass energy, environmentally friendly and clean, and the price is far lower than the market price of coal. The application range is extremely wide. The biomass pellets manufactured by the wood pellets machine have solved many problems in the industry because of the large amount of coal combustion fumes and do not meet the requirements of environmental protection. It is currently the most cost-effective renewable environmental energy source.

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