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Rotexmaster company sports meeting ended successfully

In order to strengthen the construction of corporate culture, enrich the sports and cultural life of employees, enhance the physical and mental health of employees, and cultivate the quality of personal will and solidarity. On April 7, Rotexmaster successfully held a staff sports meeting. In this sports meeting, the company's trade unions carefully planned and effectively promoted. More than 100 employees from the company actively participated in the game, 

swaying youth, enjoying happiness and enhancing friendship. At the opening ceremony, the spirited and sturdy team marched into the arena with a vigorous pace; the representatives of the athletes and referees made an oath. The deputy general manager of the company gave an opening speech for the sports meeting and wished the staff sports meeting a complete success! 

The Games are divided into various forms, which are divided into tug-of-war, concerted efforts, three-person basketball, occupational positions, and badminton rackets to transport table tennis. In the competition of various fierce competitions, the first prize and the best group awards were successively produced in the fierce competition. In the competition on April 7th, all the participating players showed their spirits of enthusiasm and fullness, and they were full of heroic style. They fully demonstrated their hard work, never give up, never be discouraged and team spirit in each competition. In the fierce competition, the skills were exchanged, the exchanges and friendships were enhanced, and the competition and style were played.

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