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How to Judge Quality of Biomass Pellet ?

Due to the severe global environmental problems, the country continues to limit the use of coal.The government's ability to provide services to the public is also growing,so that the environmental protection for biomass pellet continues to get people's attention, but what are biomass pellet,how to judge the quality of biomass pellet?

Biomass fuel: refers to the burning of biomass materials as fuel, generally agricultural and forestry waste (such as straw, sawdust, rice bran, etc.).It is fundamentally different from fossil fuels. 

I think we can use the following 4 methods to judge he quality of pellet:

1.Look at is the color of the pellet and what is the composition after burning. The pellet color after burning should be light yellow or brown, if black, indicating the poor quality of the biomass fuel.

2.The low ash content of biomass pellet fuels after combustion means that the raw material of biomass pellet fuel is relatively pure;In contrast, ash more, it means that fuels is mixed with a lot of impurities. Better biomass pellet has good gloss.

3.We can judge it by smell, not mixed with impurities of pellet  have a fragrance, which is the original taste.

4.It can also be assessed with touch, with good quality biomass pellet fuel, its surface is soft and not crack.

Pellet has a wide range of applications.It can be used in the production of textile, printing and dying factories, paper industry, food, vulcanized rubber, plastics, chemical plants, pharmaceutical industry and other industrial products in the production process of boiler combustion. Heating, bathrooms, central air conditioning for families, and boiler fuel for residential wear can be used in enterprises, administrative organs, hotels, high schools, restaurants, and service-oriented manufacturing industries. So the prospect of biomass pellet is very good,use of pellet will be a big trend in the future.But whether you can seize the opportunity, the key is you!

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