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Biomass fuel process and its application

"Biomass-forming fuel" is a clean, low-carbon renewable energy source. As a boiler fuel, it has a long burning time. It has a high combustion furnace temperature, is economical, and has no pollution to the environment. It is a substitute for conventional fossil energy. Green fuel. It is based on agricultural and forestry residues as the main raw material, through the process of slicing-pulverization-depurification-fine powder-screening-mixing-softening-tempering-pressing-drying-cooling-quality inspection-packaging, etc. Eco-friendly fuel, high calorific value, full combustion.
Biomass molding fuel can be used for high temperature and hot water in the processing of industrial products such as textiles, printing and dyeing, papermaking, food, rubber, plastics, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. And for enterprises, institutions, hotels, schools, catering, service industries for heating, bathing, air conditioning and domestic use of hot water.
Compared with other methods, the biomass solidification molding method has the characteristics of production technology, simple equipment, easy operation, and easy realization of industrial production and large-scale use. The effective development and utilization of crop stalk curing and replacement of raw coal are of great significance for effectively alleviating energy shortages, controlling organic waste pollution, protecting the ecological environment, and promoting the harmonious development of man and nature.
Biomass molding fuels are derived from organic matter from plants and animals. The earth’s biomass resources are very rich. At present, it is the world’s fourth largest energy consumption category after coal, oil, and natural gas. Its total consumption ranks in six major renewable energy sources (solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, water energy, The first of biomass and ocean energy). Shandong Yuguan professional students produce biomass fuel equipment such as biomass pelletizer, biomass pelletizer and biomass pelletizer. Willing to help your business in one hand, welcome to our company to visit and inspect the equipment.

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