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What are the advantages of producing biomass pellets

Biomass pellets as new energy which processed from rice husk,straw,peanut shells,sawdust and so on.In recent years, the demand for pellets has been increasing.The EU has the largest demand for pellets, accounting for 80% of the world's total.

Most of them are used for heating.The second largest consumer of biomass fuel pellets is North America. It accounts for 11% of global biomass consumption.

European pellets Factories are mainly concentrated in Germany.They use pine as raw material to make pellets which have high profits.In Asia,pellets factories are mainly concentrated in Malaysia,, Vietnam, China .Russian and Indonesian markets are growing rapidly.They want someone to invest.It has low labor cost and can earn money too.With the social attention to the environment, biomass Pellets are now in short supply.

Why biomass pellets are so popular?Let’s look at together.

1.The burning of biomass pellets fuel produces very few harmful gases, which will not pollute the environment.

2.The raw materials of biomass pellets are agricultural wastes such as straw, rice husk and peanut husk, which belong to recycling renewable fuel, while coal is non renewable, and its price is lower than coal. So,the pellets economic and environmental protection.

3.Biomass pellets with high density are easy to be ignited, and the burning time is very long, which can divide high heat and can be directly applied to boilers. It burns with little impurities, and ashes can be used as crop fertilizer.

4.The biomass fuel has low water content and high calorific value. Moreover, the biomass pellet fuel does not contain sulfur and phosphorus, has no stone, and can increase the service life of the boiler.

5.As an alternative energy, biomass pellet fuel has attracted the attention of governments of all countries. Many subsidy policies have been issued for the production and promotion of pellet, which makes the development of biomass pellet market more rapid.

To sum up, biomass fuel pellets are widely welcomed because of its economic and environmental characteristics. At present, North America is in the leading position of the industry in the world, and a new large export country of biomass fuel pellets will appear soon. The export of pellets is also increasing, so it is a very good idea to invest in pellets production. We are the factory of biomass pellets machine. If you want to produce pellets, I can provide you with the most suitable machine.

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